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Financial Portfolio Management

· Provides trading, settlement, analysis, accounting and portfolio reporting
· Trades with capital, bond, derivative, money, real estate market, commodity instruments
· Keeps records of unit holders, records sales / redemptions of unit lists
· It is tailored to the customer. Before implementation, we perform a thorough analysis of the
environment and processes.
· Works as a "thin client" in a web environment and is compatible with most current browsers
· The application runs centrally on the company's Internet server and the data is stored on the SQL


· Trades - records of deal-tickets, instructions, calculation of purchase prices
· Settlement - records of current accounts, matching of payments, liabilities / receivables
· Portfolio revaluation - calculation of the market value, calculation of unrealized gains losses, ...
· Analysis - analytical tools, revenue structure, performance, duration, cash flow, taxes, ...
· Limits - legal and statutory limits, pre-deal / post-deal checks, checks of trades against market prices,…

· Accounting - automated accounting of financial portfolios
· FINUM reporting - financial placement reporting, including categorization and dimensions
· ČNB reporting - legal reporting for the Czech national bank
· Consolidation - automatically creates and synchronizes consolidated portfolios
· Risk Management - Value at risk, Tracking error
· Investor - registration of shareholders and transactions with own shares, reporting for shareholders

· Depository – Management of Depositories of collective investments funds
· Insurance – Management of reserves of insurance companies
· Pensions – Management of pension funds
· Core – Company structure, contractual partners, Instruments - records of financial instruments,
coupons, dividends, market prices, Communications - imports / exports from the system,


- employees and their roles, permissions , logging, ..., JOB-PLANNER - automation

Supported instrument types

· Shares Unit lists, Participation in companies
· Bond
· Treasury bill, Bill of exchange
· Deposit, Loan, Loan, Certificate of Deposit, Investment Certificate
· FX-spot, FX-forward, FX-swap
· CC-swap, IR-swap, Cap, Floor Collar, FRA, Futures, Options
· Real estate, Art object, Other assets, Other liabilities

Supported Transactions

· Purchase, Sale, Maturity
· Buy/Sell, Sell/Buy, REPO, Reverse REPO
· Coupon payment, Dividend payment, Call Options
· Initial setup, Transfers between sub-portfolios, Fixed fair values
· Change of nominal value, Change of ISIN, Split, Fusion
· Trading, Settlement

Software Implementation

· Analysis of existing processes and data interfaces
· Analysis of existing data sources
· Consultation with the customer, Analysis of the customer needs
· Solution design - including data interfaces
· Development (customization) of data interfaces and user reports
· Migration of existing data
· Training of administrators and users
· Testing process - supervision of the customer in the initial phase

Business and licensing strategies

· All parts of WEBPORTFOLIA are under the exclusive ownership of the supplier
· Subcontracting within the framework of customization and subsequent development has been
solved by the supplier so that copyright is not infringed
· We supply WEBPORTFOLIO through user Licenses
· During the licence contract we ensure the continuous development of the system through regular
or ad-hoc fully automated releases
· During operation, we guarantee the compliance of the system's functionality to CNB legislation
and regulations.
· We guarantee timely service intervention. The Infoline is available on weekdays from 9 am to 5
· Guarantees cooperation in customization according to the customer's wishes (provided that this
does not violate the integrity and security of the system or legality)
· We guarantee to provide training to users or administrators at the customer's reques